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Claim Information:

Phone number: 800-222-4357

Payments:  American Modern Insurance Group 

Claim Information: File a Claim - American Modern Insurance Group 

Phone number: 800-759-9008

Payment Phone Number - (800) 288-8740

Payment Website -

Payments: Bristol West Insurance Group

Claim Information: Bristol West Insurance Group

Phone number: 888-888-0080

Payments: Pay bill 

Claim Information: Submit a Claim

Phone number: 844-362-6821

Payment Phone Number - (919) 934-6111

Payment Website -

Payments: Foremost Customer Self Service 

Claim Information:  Foremost Insurance Group Claims

Phone number: 800-435-7764

Payments: Make a Payment | Grange Insurance

Claim Information:  Claims | Grange Insurance

Phone number: 800-425-1100

Payments: Hagerty Billing

Claim Information: Claims - Hagerty

Phone number: 800-922-4050

Payments: Pay your bill | The Hanover Insurance Group

Claim Information:

Phone number: 800-853-0456

Payments: Customer Service Center 

Claim Information: Customer Service Center

Phone number: 800-327-3636

Payments: Make a Payment | Indiana Farmers Insurance

Claim Information: Claim Center | Indiana Farmers Insurance

Phone number: 800-477-1660

Payments:  Self-Service (

Claim Information: File a Claim | MetLife

Phone number: 800-854-6011

Payments: National General Payments

Claim Information: National General Claims

Phone number: 877-468-3466

Payments: Nationwide Payments

Claim Information: Claims Information

Phone number: 800-421-3535

Payments: Pekin Insurance Payments

Claim Information:  Pekin Claims 

Phone number: 800-322-0160

Payments: Progressive Payments

Claim Information: Claim | Progressive

Phone number: 800-274-4499

Payments: Pay my bill | Safeco

Claim Information: Claims Center | Safeco Insurance

Phone number: 800-332-3226

Payments: Make a Payment 

Claim Information: CLAIMS CENTER

Phone number: 833-724-3577

Payments: Pay Your Bill | Travelers Insurance

Claim Information: Claim Center | Travelers Insurance

Phone number: 800-252-4633

Payments: Make a Payment

Claim Information: Insurance Claims 

Phone number: 800-425-9113