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Commercial InsuranceCommercial Insurance

Having a business in Indiana can be very lucrative. There are a number of highlights and tourist destinations throughout the state where both fans and residents can benefit from your services and products. Although this can be advantageous, protecting your business and other investments is key. Working with an independent agent like Family Insurance Services who can help you obtain the right commercial insurance policies and answer any questions you may have can provide peace of mind that your business will be covered through any circumstance.

Indiana Commercial Auto Insurance

Having auto insurance is the law. When operating company vehicles or driving on behalf of the company, not having insurance can have serious consequences. A commercial auto insurance policy protects everyone representing your company and can prevent financial liability.

Indiana Commercial General Liability Insurance (CGL)

Every company is prone to having an accident at some time. Having adequate protection in place to protect you against customers who slip and fall, or even complain about substandard services, is one of the best things you can do. Your insurance agent will be able to give you good advice on obtaining a general liability policy that will meet your needs.

Indiana Commercial Property Insurance

If you have purchased structures or equipment, chances are those investments were expensive. Making sure your property is covered in the event of theft, damage, fire, or inclement weather can keep your company's operations, even if you are temporarily displaced from your main location. There is no better feeling than having insurance to cover your needs when you need it.

Indiana Workers Compensation

In Indiana, workers compensation may or may not be the law, but it is vitally important to have this type of policy in place, especially if you have a number of employees operating different equipment and machines. One injury can be financially devastating to the company.

Indiana Business Owner Package (BOP)

Your agent at Family Insurance Services can help you roll all these policies up into a comprehensive package which will save time and money. Having all your policies in one place is smart business sense.

These commercial insurance policies can help your business thrive. For more information, contact your agent at Family Insurance Services today!