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Boat & Watercraft insurance

Unlike the state’s approach to auto insurance, Indiana doesn’t require boaters to maintain minimum levels of boat/watercraft insurance. Nevertheless, everyone who enjoys boating on Indiana’s waterways should be properly protected with an insurance policy that provides the coverage they need. If you’re currently uninsured, one of our independent boat/watercraft insurance agents can set you up with a policy that will ensure you’re protected throughout the entire boating season.

Boat/Watercraft Insurance Can Be Complex

Like all insurance policies, boat/watercraft insurance can be complex. Any given policy is made up of multiple different coverages, such as liability coverage, new boat replacement coverage, bodily injury coverage and medical payments coverage - just to name a few.

Protect Yourself This Boating Season

If you don’t already have a policy that you understand and are comfortable with, call us at Family Insurance Services. We have independent agents who are licensed throughout Indiana, so we can find you the best boat/watercraft insurance policy in the state, no matter where you live and regardless of which insurer provides it.